BuyVM New Jersey - Upgrade/Maintenance Announcement

The long-anticipated upgrades for our New Jersey deployment are here!
Starting tomorrow (30 March) at 1500h PDT (GMT-7), the Stallion controls for
the following nodes will be disabled, and the nodes will begin migrating:

 >> Node 16
 >> Node 17
 >> Node 18
 >> Node 19
 >> Node 20

The 128MB OpenVZ nodes in New Jersey will be receiving new CPUs (L5639
x24core) and a vastly improved SSD Cache to improve performance and
eliminate the recurring issues these nodes have been facing over the past

The 256MB and higher OpenVZ nodes will be having their SSD Cache arrays
removed entirely, and going to a pure-SSD setup. This, along with various
tweaks to the OpenVZ setup and nodes themselves, will improve performance
and eliminate the IO issues that many of these nodes were feeling from being
heavily used.

These migrations will be done live, and will take quite some time to
complete. As each node finishes, the Stallion controls for the VPS will
become active again, and we will send post-migration notices to let everyone
know when things are ready again. Your VPS will be online and available for
use in the meantime, but we do ask that you do not attempt to
reboot/reset/reinstall while migrations are underway, as this could cause
data loss or corruption.

Thank you for your patience while we get these upgrades underway.

Aldryic C'boäs,
Frantech Staff


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