Secure Dragon LLC: Primary network switch replacement tomorrow (4/12/2015)

Tomorrow (Sunday, 4/12/2015) at around 3PM EST (GMT-5) we will be replacing our primary switch in Tampa due to one of the fans failing and leaving us with just a single fan at this time. We will be failing our network over to our backup switch during the replacement so you should only see a few dropped packets on our network as we failover to the backup switch and then back to the primary switch. Here is the current plan of action:

  1. Install the replacement primary switch in the cabinet.
  2. Bring our backup switch online and ensure the secondary NICs are cabled correctly to it.
  3. Power off the old primary switch so that all servers failover to the backup switch.
  4. Cable up the new primary switch and power it back on (the servers will failback to the primary switch once they see it).
  5. Power off the backup switch and remove the old primary switch.
During steps 3 and 4 is when you may see some network disruption which should be minimal and transparent unless you are directly connected to your service at that time (the connection may timeout or look like lag).

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance please open a ticket with our Support department and we'll be glad to discuss this in more detail. Thank you.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-
Secure Dragon LLC.


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