Secure Dragon LLC: Migrating to new hardware in Tampa, FL. (February 8th, 2015)

We are planning to migrate your VPS to a new server to upgrade to newer hardware per our upgrade plans for 2015.
We plan to begin the migration of all of our OpenVZ VPSs from fl1ovz01 to fl1ovz02 on Sunday (February 8th, 2015) starting at 6PM EST (GMT-5) and we are allocating 12 hours for the migrations since we will be doing the migrations in small batches and we need to run tests after each batch to ensure stability of the new node. We do not expect to utilize all 12 hours but we have the window in case we need it.
We will attempt to perform live migrations for all VPSs so you should not experience any downtime but in the past we have experienced the need to migrate VPSs offline due to various factors. An offline migration will result in a reboot of your VPS so the maximum downtime you should experience would be no more than 60 seconds with an offline migration.
Your IPs will remain the same on the new server so there is nothing you need to change on your end.
This new server will be one of our new 100% SSD nodes. It will have 6x Samsung 850 SSDs in RAID10. We have also disabled migrations to and from our Tampa location at this time until the migration is completed.

Please take note that some VPSs will be migrated back to an OpenVZ node with HDDs in the future due to their disk size since some clients have plans that we no longer offer which came with more disk space than our current plans or purchased additional disk space at a reduced price.
If you do not wish to be migrated during this window please open a ticket with our Support department to schedule another time for the migration. Thank you.
-The Secure Dragon Staff-
Secure Dragon LLC.


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