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Blur, Sharp, etc.

As you may know, Uploadcare is not just about file uploading. We also handle delivery via CDN that has URL based API on top of it to crop, resize and transform images. During past few weeks we have implemented a number of new image manipulations for you.


Functionality that was awaited by many users! Gaussian blur is a technique to reduce noise and details from an image. You can choose strength of blurring, up to 5000 (default is 10):




Another command we have introduced is sharpening (opposite of blurring). We use digital unsharp masking to make this effect. The sharpening strength can be from 0 to 20 (defaults is 5):


Progressive JPEG

There are two ways to represent compressed data in JPEG file: Baseline and Progressive. In Baseline JPEG the image is stored line-by-line, starting from top-left corner, and it loads from top to bottom. Progressive JPEG divides the file into a series of scans, so user can see low-quality image while the full image is still loading.

Up until now all JPEG images were implicitly baseline. Now you have an option to get progressive JPEG:



Example Pictures

We have improved our CDN documentation by adding example pictures to supported image operations. Now you can see what you can get out of Uploadcare!


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