BlueVM S4-NY and S6-NY VPS nodes are currently down

Some ip from VPS served by BlueVM can not be accessed right now. It is now some of their New York nodes down for more than 72 hours since it was officially announced. Practically you can do nothing, except if you have your VPS backup data.

You may follow the discussion log on their official IRC channel at

Here what their support staff said,
The node suffered massive filesystem corruption due to an improper hard shutdown that occurred while the DC was fixing the network issues. We're repairing the filesystem now, but have no ETA as to when it will be done. We are doing everything we can to protect client information. If you have backups, we can recreate the VPS for you on a different node, but the IP will change.
S4-NY and S6-NY are experiencing disk corruption. We're working to attempt to salvage the data.

We will systematically be upgrading and restarting all OpenVZ nodes. This should take roughly 15 minutes per node.
All of CA is down(Network Outage) as is s4,s6,s7-9 in NY (Corruption and Maintenance respectively)
S8-KVM-CA and S4-NY are currently down, and staff are working on it. Stay patient.]
now June 12 still down, and no ticket were responded :(


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