BlueVM Deadpool?

BlueVM's S4-NY and S6-NY are currently down. They said, "we're working on the issue, please be patient.  Feathur and the site are currently being ddosed, we are aware."You might already read this post,

And now it is not going any better, since more servers goes down.
Server(s) Down: S11-CA, S8-KVM-CA, S22-IL, S12-CA, S16-CA, S26-NY, S24-IL, S7-TX, S21-IL, S20-IL, S17-NY, S7-KVM-CA, S5-NY-KVM, S8-TX, S12-IL-CPANEL, S21-NY, S23-NY, S14-CA, S15-CA, S20-NY, S18-CA, S17-CA, S2-KVM-NY, S9-CA-KVM, S2-TX, S3-ATL, S1-TX, S6-TX, S3-IL, S2-IL, S2-ATL, S3-ZU, S2-NY, S3-NY, S1-ZU, S5-NY, S2-ZU, S6-NY, S11-NY, S1-NJ, S8-CA, S13-CA, S10-ATL, S12-NY, S6-ATL, S3-NJ, S2-CA, S15-IL...

You'd better read this one, and start considering better option.
BlueVM Deadpool?, Pada: 17.43


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