Security Announcement about Kloxo Usage on our VPS

Effective immediately, we are adding Kloxo to our list of disallowed software on our servers. In addition to the multiple security exploits in the current versions, Kloxo has been used by hackers to initiate Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks from our network for the past year without any effort from the Kloxo developers to fix this. Today, an exploit was used that was designed to initiate a DDOS against Bank of America but due to the poor coding by the hacker, the script overloaded all of our VPS nodes to over 100 times their normal loads impacting other clients on those nodes. The actual method of exploit was discovered and reported in October 2012 (a patch was even submitted by an end user but the developers dismissed it). Since Kloxo developers have made no effort to patch the exploit after hundreds of other hosts have been impacted and multiple data centers and security firms have gotten involved, we are forced to take action and disallow this software on our servers.

At this time, numerous clients have had their VPSs suspended and IPs nullrouted (by our data centers in response to the large number of DDOS attacks) so we will make all attempts to work with those clients to get their VPSs back online.

For all clients currently using Kloxo, please remove Kloxo from your VPS immediately to prevent interruption of service. We are giving all users until February 1st to have Kloxo removed before we take action but if an exploit occurs between now and February 1st your VPS will be disabled and will require manual intervention.

You can read more about the exploit and follow the progress here:
Please be advised that Kloxo-MR (a Kloxo fork) is not affected by these exploits. Thank you.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-
Secure Dragon LLC.


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