OnlineNIC: .UK - Second Level Domains have launched

We are excited to announce that the new shorter, sharper .UK domain is now available in OnlineNIC.
To explain the process more fully to your customers, we have prepared the following explanations that maybe useful for you.

Rights to Reserve for Existing Customers

  • New registrations of domains made before 08:00hrs on 10 June 2014 (provided that no other equivalent,,, or exists) will get the rights to the new .uk domain.
  • After launch on 10 June 2014, any new registrations within the .uk family (e.g. in, etc) no longer get automatic rights to register the new .uk domain.
  • Anyone wanting a new .uk domain, where there are no existing domains with rights, will simply be able to register the new .uk domain.
  • The Rights Lookup Tool for information on who has first rights. Registrants of existing third-level .uk domains (,, and so on) have priority rights to the corresponding .UK domain for 5 years, and the corresponding .UK domain will be reserved until June 10, 2019 (07:59 hrs). To determine exactly who has the right to register a .UK domain, a prioritization scheme applies. The crucial factor is the date of registration in relation to the Cut-Off Date that was set October 28, 2013, 23:59 hrs.
Here's how it will go down if the same domain name exists with different registrants in multiple second-level .UK TLDs (e.g.,
  • Top priority will go to the registrant of the corresponding
  • The owner of the will get next priority.
  • Finally, registrants of the corresponding will get their chance.
  • All other third-Level extensions like,, and must use the Rights Lookup Tool to determine the rights schedule.


The price of .uk domains is the same as Price table lists as below,
.UK Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Price $8.59 $9.59 $10.59 $11.59
Note: When registering .UK Domain names PO Boxes are not accepted as a valid address. Any new registrations containing a PO Box either as the main address or as an address for service will be rejected. If you are registering a .UK domain name from overseas, and UK address will be required.

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