Here Are 3 Instances Where Grammarly Could Save Your Butt

Email Horror Stories: Have you ever hit send on an important email only to realize later that you made some crucial spelling or grammar errors? Let Grammarly be your email wingman, so you feel good each time you send.
Presentation Panic: A short deadline can be difficult to maneuver and to get your ideas down is often most important. Once you finalize your content, Grammarly can work as your publishing editor and will help you avoid crucial mistakes so that you nail that presentation.
Social Media & Your Resume: Let’s face it, these days everything you write is open to scrutiny and can affect your career. You should be confident that you are posting correctly written content anywhere you type. This includes your social media posts or more formal entries like your LinkedIn profile. The good news? Grammarly will help you catch these embarrassing mistakes before you publish.
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