8/28 tutorial with AI Researcher - How to build smarter apps with AI


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Does the notion of artificial intelligence bring to mind images of nanobots, Skynet or love affairs with operating systems? Perhaps in the movies, but the AI you and I see today looks a lot different in real life and takes the form of smarter applications like the Siri, GoogleNow, Pandora and Netflix. So, how do you take technology that traditionally requires thousands of PhD hours to create and tune, and make it useful in your own applications, for cheap? Use cloud APIs.

On Thursday, August 28, Devin Harper, AI Researcher at AlchemyAPI will host a web clinic covering artificial intelligence APIs and how you can use them today.
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This is for forward-thinking programmers who want to see:
  • The newest APIs available today that make sense of unstructured data [tweets, images, chats, emails, articles, etc.]
  • Easy ways to incorporate cloud APIs such as AT&T Speech and AlchemyVision into your applications
  • How to build a sample customer email analysis engine using multiple APIs
There are only 30 spaces left so register now to ensure your spot. If you can't attend, be sure to register anyway and we will send you a recording.

Warm regards,

Jake Ellison
Account Executive


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