4 simple steps to protect yourself from phishing


Phishing is a global problem. Incidences of phishing are on the rise, and everyone who uses the Internet is affected. Please remember and take these basic and commonsense precautions to guard against Internet fraud.

4 steps to protect yourself from phishers:

  1. Set browser protection
    Most browsers have a function to warn users about "unsafe" or "reported forgery" sites. If yours does, be sure to set it to "block" or "warn" when you click into such sites. If yours does not, switch immediately to a safer browser, such as Google Chrome, 360 Safe, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Beware of hidden links in the email
    Scammers often use the text of a real website address but link that text to a different address. If you receive an e-mail apparently sent by Global Sources with a hyperlink in it, mouse over it and confirm that the link that pops up is a legitimate Global Sources website; when you click into the site check the browser address bar again to confirm authenticity of the website
  3. Confirm Global Sources addresses are genuine•  A valid Global Sources web address follows the format xxx.globalsources.com. For example, login.globalsources.com, career.globalsources.com, tradeshow.globalsources.com, etc.
    •  Phishers frequently use misspelled names that are similar to globalsources.com. For example, globallsources.com, globalsuorces.com, gl0balsources.com. Check the spelling carefully for this type of deception.

  4. Confirm Global Sources login page is genuine
    If you are directed to a Global Sources login page, always confirm that the address appearing in your web browser begins with https://login.globalsources.com/ before you enter your e-mail username and/or password
Finally, if you or any of your colleagues ever enter your username and password on an unknown website, take the following actions:

  1. Immediately change your password for Global Sources Online here.
  2. Immediately change your e-mail password
  3. Immediately report any questionable e-mails and contact information to
    reportphishing@globalsources.com, we will then block the e-mail address
To learn more about protecting yourself from phishing, visit Global Sources eLearning site.

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