BuyVM Las Vegas LV Router Maintenance 30 minutes Downtime

As you may have noticed, there have been a handful of network blips and short outages in our Las Vegas location over the past couple weeks. After extensive troubleshooting, we've determined that our router's platform, Vyatta, is simply no longer adequate to handle our transit needs for Vegas.

At 0000h PST on Wednesday (04 June), we will be bringing the router offline to replace the Vyatta platform. We're estimating a total downtime of roughly 30 minutes, but due to the scope of this maintenance we may have to extend the time if necessary, or arrange for a short series of reboots on the router in order to apply the needed configurations. Your services will not be rebooted or shut down for this maintenance - they will simply lose external network. This will only affect the Las Vegas location - if you have any services in our New Jersey deployment, they will not be affected.

During this maintenance period, our billing platform ( and our VM Management platform ( will be unavailable, as both are served from Las Vegas. We have elected to not migrate these platforms offsite for the move due to the short downtime expected - if you wish to follow along with our progress, you are welcome to watch both Francisco's (@FrantechCA) and my
(@Aldryic) Twitter accounts during the maintenance.

In addition to replacing Vyatta, we are also planning a build for a backup router. In the event of our core router failing, the backup router will keep our services online until the core router can be brought back up. This plan is still in the development stage, and more information will be released once we're ready to deploy it.

We apologize for the recent turbulence, and thank you for your patience while we work to get these issues dealt with. As always, any questions or concerns can be directed to our Support system at

Aldryic C'boäs,
16:47:57 <> Frantech Staff


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