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Imagine a friend of yours tells you about a movie you never heard of. The following day another friend mentions it. A couple of days later your own parents tell you about it.
That's it. You've heard enough and decide to go to the movies or at least search for more information online, right?

Well, that's exactly what happens to search engines with it comes to social signals.
If no one talks about your site on platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Reddit, no one will think it's worth paying it a visit. No one recommends it, so why should they?

Now, you can share your own content with your own social accounts, which is a first step, but how do you get other people to share it too and raise awareness and interest?

That's exactly what the Ambassador-only 'Social Sharing Center' (SSC) helps you do.
The SSC, which works in combination with OnlyWire, lets you share your own content and encourages other SocialMonkee users to share it too.

That way, you not only get shares, likes, retweets, etc. from your own social accounts, but also from other (real) people's accounts, which will help you:
  • Get more online exposure 
  • Raise awareness and interest 
  • Get higher search engine rankings 
What are you waiting for? Click here to take the Ambassador option and start using the SSC, for more social signals and higher search engine rankings!

Upgrade Now to start growing your sites positive social signals!

To Your Success in Business & Life,
The SocialMonkee Team


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