Envato ask members to change their password.


Last month we posted an article on notes.envato.com as well as to our forums and email newsletters, explaining Envato's response to the Heartbleed bug, advising all Envato users to change their password. As a precaution, we are now requiring a password change for all users that haven't already done so. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we wouldn't ask if we didn't think it was important.
What happens next?
An email has been sent to someone@someweb.net with further instructions and a link that you'll need to follow. Click on the link, enter a new password and you'll be back in business.
What if I don't get the email?
If you have not received this email in the next hour or so, you can…
What if someone@someweb.net is the wrong email address?
If you don't have access to this email address, please create a support ticket in the "Account Security" category.


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