VPS reseller program from YouHosting


Start reselling Virtual Private Servers (VPS)! After enabling VPS reseller program you will be able to sell VPS at your own prices and earn money.
We charge a so called "Base price" for each VPS you resell. At the end of the month we count all active servers that you have sold (based on actual daily usage) and issue you an invoice.

How it works?
  • Setup your prices and your will see your profit for each VPS resold.
  • Enable VPS reseller program.
  • A "Servers" section on your client control panel will appear where your clients will be able to order and manage their VPS.
  • After your client will make a payment to you a VPS order will be switched to "Pending Setup" status.
  • Review your client payment, client details and decide to activate or cancel VPS order.
  • When you will activate your client VPS we will start calculating its usage on daily basis. An invoice will be issued to you according usage.
  • VPS in powered by our white label cloud infrastructure.
  • You will have to provide support your client. You will also have a full access to your client VPS.
  • At the end of the month we will issue you an invoice based on your client VPS usage which you will have to pay in 7 days. If you fail to pay our invoice all your client VPS will be suspended.
  • Be careful when activating VPS for your clients as later you will have to pay a base price for it to YouHosting.
  • Only VIP and SuperVIP resellers can enable VPS servers reselling option.


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