Secure Dragon LLC: Scheduled Downtime for fl1ovz01 (Wednesday 4/30/2014 @ 10PM EST)

Next Wednesday (4/30/2014) we will be powering down fl1ovz01 and multiple switches in our cabinet to relocate them in the same cabinet to make room for other equipment as we need to free up multiple consecutive U's. The switches being moved will not impact our other nodes in the cabinet since we have multiple switches for redundancy but fl1ovz01 will definitely experience an outage while it is powered off and moved. We will post a reminder on our Twitter before we power off the node as well as a completion message once the node is being powered back on (it may take additional time for all of the VPSs to come back online). Some VPSs may require manual intervention to bring back online so we will monitor this process.

The maintenance window will be from 10:00PM to 12:00AM EST (UTC -4) but downtime is expected to be under 1 hour assuming all hardware health checks are passed after the move.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please open a ticket with our Support department and we can address your concerns. Unfortunately, due to a time sensitive issue, we cannot delay or reschedule this maintenance.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-
Secure Dragon LLC.


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