BuyVM Las Vegas Maintenance: Backup server reformat at Tuesday, Apr. 15th 12:00AM GMT-7

We are informing you that our backup server will be taken offline to reformat as well redo how we handle backups. Please *DO NOT REINSTALL OR ATTEMPT TO RESTORE BACKUPS* as there will be no backups to restore from once this is done. If you wish to reinstall please be sure there is no data you wish to keep as this will be irreversable until the backup server is online and has had at least 24 hours to complete an initial backup run.

When we originally planned our the filesystem for our backup servers we were confident that even at 250 million files, backups would process within a reasonable time (read: less than 12 hours to process & cleanup old backups).

Unfortunately, as of this email, our backups node has over 1.04 billion files within the filesystem. Cleanups are taking longer than the buffer time between each backup run, meaning loads on the server are going to keep compounding till it locks up.

While we could've used TAR archives, we would need to have 4x+ the capacity we do now to keep backups, pushing costs to the point of it being unrealistic to include them for free.

Francisco has been in discussion with multiple hardware vendors to come up with a solid platform to address this major issue. While the new setup will allow for faster backup times as well as sub minute cleanup times, a complete wiping of all daily backups is required to get a fresh start.

Once the formatting is completed, we expect to have a fresh initial backup in place within 24 hours and the stallion code adjustments completed to have us back on a 7 day backups rotation.

We're fairly certain we'll be able to keep all snapshots currently in the system.

FranTech Solutions


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