BlueVM Monthly Updates & Very Cheap California VPS Offers from Just $9.95 per YEAR!


We have had an extremely busy month and we would like to thank each of you for supporting BlueVM. We're sending out our monthly updates a bit early as usual. You'll find our monthly offer near the bottom of this email... but first let's talk about some of the changes coming to BlueVM:
This month we made some upgrades to our template system for both OpenVZ and KVM which have helped speed up the VPS rebuild and ISO mounting times in addition to making them more accurate and more stable. We've also done some upgrades to a few of our KVM nodes and here shortly we'll be expanding our KVM lineup to offer pure-SSD based KVM VPS.

As always if you have any suggestions or questions about these changes feel free to submit a ticket to our feedback department.

BlueVM has a lot of extra space in California, so our monthly offer will involve discounted VPS in that location... BlueVM offering three plans all with a great discount this month:

BLUE1 => Just $9.95 per YEAR!

256 MB of Guaranteed RAM
256 MB of Swap
1 CPU @ 2.0+ Ghz
1 IPv4 Address
10 GB of Disk
500 GB of Bandwidth

BLUE2 => Just $2.99 per Month!
512 MB of Guaranteed RAM
512 MB of Swap
2 CPU @ 2.0+ Ghz
1 IPv4 Address
25 GB of Disk
1 TB of Bandwidth

BLUE3 => Just $4.50 per Month!
1024 MB of Guaranteed RAM
1024 MB of Swap
3 CPU @ 2.0+ Ghz
1 IPv4 Address
50 GB of Disk
2 TB of Bandwidth

Best Regards,
BlueVM Staff


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