Secure Dragon LLC: Wyvern is now enabled on all Tampa and Denver OpenVZ VPSs

This posting is to inform you that all VPSs in our Tampa and Denver OpenVZ nodes have been migrated over to our new Wyvern control panel and SolusVM will no longer work for any OpenVZ VPSs in Denver and Tampa. Going forward, please use Wyvern inside the Client Area to manage your OpenVZ VPS. In a previous e-mail it was stated that SolusVM would be accessible until the end of the month but unfortunately this is not the case since there is a resource conflict if both control panels are communicating with the server.

Here is a quick guide on how to access Wyvern and manage your VPS:

If you run into any issues or have any questions, feedback, or ideas please open a ticket with our Support department and let us know immediately. We have been working on optimizing Wyvern for faster load times and have included a timer at the bottom of the panel showing the total load time, so please let us know if you are experiencing larger load times and what actions you are performing when those loads happen. Keep in mind that all actions are performed in real time so an OS reload will take much longer than a restart command.

If you also have a KVM VPS in Denver, you will continue using SolusVM to manage that VPS.
-The Secure Dragon Staff-
Secure Dragon LLC.


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