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Looks like he doesn't have a problem with telling exactly what happened, so I'm reposting it here for everybody to see.  Jacob Jervey said:

For any of you wondering exactly why I've departed from Brohoster, I can tell you that it was not of my own free will and volition. To put it simply, I was forced out due to a number of 'issues', the last straw involving my seldom use of marijuana and one-time use of LSD with friends. Keep in mind, I always kept this to hours when I was not working and it was only once in a while; as such it never affected my work performance. I'm not afraid of admitting something that I personally find no shame in. I would rather the truth be out then people believe that I simply got up and resigned from the company that I put my blood sweat and tears into for the past year.

Another recurring 'issue' was that the team felt that I was declining in my work, but I still hold my belief to this day that this is only because they can only see how much I work via WHMCS. My job as CEO does not involve doing support tickets and refunding invoices, it involves furthering the business and making business deals - something I did to such an extent that it even makes Microsoft look bad. I used to do support tickets and such when the team was smaller and there were less clients, but recently I had neither the time nor the concentration to work on both the business and the ticket system. As such, I made an effort to hire an intelligent, dedicated, organized support team to take my place as well as starting the 'community support' initiative (IRC, bro.cm, getsatisfaction). It worked, and for the past few weeks our support ticket queues have rarely been over 20 or 30.

For the past year, I have worked from the moment I woke up till the moment I slept to further this business. I've played maybe a total of 30 hours of video games and have had very few social encounters because of how busy I was with Brohoster. Matthew claiming that my performance was degrading is an impossible claim because up until 2-4 weeks ago, he had no involvement with the company whatsoever other than being the owner of the Softlayer account that received the massive discounts I needed. In fact, I even quit my other job and dropped out of school so I could focus on this business more. Matthew's lack of involvement was of my own choice because I like running the company and because he has little to no experience running a GSP, so I do not blame him for not helping. However, I do think that it's utter bullshit that someone who did nothing and knows nothing about my infrastructure can suddenly take over my life's best work.

Matthew had recently claimed on IRC that I was regularly leaving boxes down for 18+ hours at a time due to me getting super fucked up on drugs, but in reality I was just sleeping and my phone had died the night before. Despite not being available during these non-critical issues, there have been times where the servers were down for 24+ hours and I did not sleep for a single moment until it was completely and 100% fixed. If you want proof of this, just go back in our Facebook history where you can see posts from me on an extremely regular basis keeping everyone updated on exactly what's up and what might be happening. I always cared and I always and had a passion for Brohoster and making sure everything stays online, it's just that once Matthew tried to involve himself with Brohoster he started getting this complex where everything was wrong and I was running the company into the ground.

I don't expect to be let back into Brohoster and to be honest I would refuse the position even if it came around. All I want is the truth to be out, whether or not it affects my reputation. As the prior CEO, I can honestly tell you that I have no hopes for this 'new and better' Brohoster, but I do hope that my loyal clients and friends aren't affected too negatively by this change of ownership. Unfortunately I was the only one who knew how to fix a number of recurring issues with TCAdmin, so it's in the cards on whether or not TCAdmin will have a massive issue before this new control panel is or is not released.

I'm going to be laying low for a couple of months developing my own systems from what I learned in the year of running and designing Brohoster's infrastructure. I'll be back, and I'll change the industry again just like I did with Brohoster. In the off chance you still want to contact me, I'm always reachable at jacob.jervey@gmail.com. Any hosting companies that might want help in management or maybe even have an offer for my control panel, feel free to send me an email.

Thank you all for making -my- company what it is, I just hope that my new endeavors will share similar success and less of a downfall. My life and my apartment is on the line, so you best bet your ass this will blow anything you've ever seen out of the water.
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